Contributing to Global Goals

This Report demonstrates the link between our strategy and our commitment to understand the economic, environmental and social impacts caused by our business activities.

Introduction: Contributing to Global Goals
"Our obligation as a global leader in maritime LPG transportation is to responsibly and safely deliver clean energy in an environmentally challenged world."
- Martin Ackermann, CEO, BW LPG

Adapting to our changing world requires an understanding that success as a company is defined by more than the bottom line. It is also about creating value for society – making people’s lives better, enabling economies to grow, and protecting the environment for future generations. By embedding sustainability into our business strategy and operations, we will not only create a better company but a better world.

Guided by our Vision, Mission and Values, BW LPG remains committed to sustainability and contributing towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). As a maritime energy transportation company specialising in the safe and efficient carriage of LPG, we believe we are aligned with the following UN SDGs, all of which will be covered in the Sustainability Report.

UN SDGs BW LPG’s commitments


A.Strong emphasis on Zero Harm

B.Manage piracy trends and global security concerns

C.Well-maintained vessels and offices as safe workplaces


D.Non-discrimination at the workplace

E.Female representation at the Board of Directors and Senior Management levels


F.LPG as a clean energy in an environmentally challenged world


G.Compliance with Maritime Labour Convention

H.Competitive remuneration and professional development

I.Facilitating global trade and emerging markets


J.LPG as clean energy alternative

K.Total Voyage Efficiency to reduce carbon emission

L.Compliance with 2020 IMO Global sulphur cap


M.Emergency response to Perils of the Sea


N.Member of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN)

O.Strict Code of Conduct; Whistle blowing and Anti-bribery policies

P.Compliance with the UK Anti-Bribery Act

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